Which way to chose?

Pic: Pixabay / komposita

This underpass in Bochum is so inspiring for me. I walked yesterday under it and I read the words in the different languages. The focus word was: WHERE?

So where are we going? Which way are we going to chose?

We all have more options in our lifes. According to them we decide which way we wanna choose.

Sometimes we choose the easy way, sometimes the difficult one, sometimes we struggle and stay at the same place for days, months or even years.

But in fact, the easy way isn’t always beautiful and we cannot grow during walking this path of life.

Sometimes the difficult one is the better one. Of course it is hard to understand and hard to walk through. But at the end, when you realize and see all the puzzles, you ask yourself:

„Why were you so stupid and did not see the sense behind it?“

I remember so much times I thought it about myself. And really every time it was such a beautiful meaning of the difficult way. So I had to cry out of pleasure. I feel just thankfulness.

I learned that I can’t understand things which are happening to me immediately, and I learned also that it is not the important thing. I will understand it at the end anyway. So why should I fight with headaches? I learned to trust my inner voice, to trust the process and to go on, even if you do not know what is really waiting for you. If you trust, everything is gonna be okay or even more than that. It might be incredible, so my experiences.

I realized that the trust opens so many doors for me. I stand in front of them and just think:

„Oh my Goooooood, how crazy is that shiiiiiiit? I’m so excited to open all of theeeeeem.“

No, I don’t mean the advent calendar doors. I mean the doors of life. Our limits in life are made by ourselves. It is time to explode and leave them behind us.

By the way: I know my English isn’t perfect. But who cares? I have to improve it and the main thing You understand what I mean. Learning by doing baby. Easy going and just do your shit.

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