My favourite color – pastel pink

Rock the world even if You think You can’t.

You can!

Follow your heart. It tells You the truth.

But what do I mean with this sentences? Do you understand really the meaning of this words?

There is one moment in which my heart speaks to me. In german we also say „gut instinct“. So this time I spent just 5 minutes with choosing of the clothes for the outfit and I love it mostly. But nevertheless I often look into my wardrobe and do not what to wear. You know this problem of the women. In the figurative sense it is in my opinion easier to trust our feelings and act according to them, and don’t think too much. So that is the result.

Dress: Ginatricot
Jacket: Esprit
Bag: Michael Kors
Shoes: 3 Suisses
Glasses: Michael Kors
Scarf: Primark

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