1st of December

Last year on the 1st of December I made a decision. I remember that day so clearly. I wore a dark blue turban with a braided flower on the front of the head, a long hoodie, which was also dark blue and black biker boots. It was cold outside like now and I felt so cozy. I went downstairs and prepared my meal in the kitchen. Healthy as usually of course. It was a handmade applesauce with some fruits. I sat in the office a few moments later, drank a delicious winter tea and thought:

„Next year things will change for me.“

And I did it. Without regret!

I still feel this power of growing.

It is so unstoppable.

I am so thankful for moments like this. ??

So today I made further decisions. Now it is time to realize all those things.

There is no excuse ??

Welcome december ❄️

My favourite month of the year ❤️

I just really love it ?

What about You? Are there things, which should be done? How long are You going to wait to make them truth? Life is so much faster than we think.

Time is not money. Time is priceless and You will never get it back. That‘s for sure.

Have a beautiful and blessed friday ??

And jumuah mubarak ?


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